Pastel Colors are now in Trend!


Everywhere you look this season you are sure to find pastel shades! This new color trend can be edgy, feminine or even proffesional when the right colors and shapes are paired together. Here are some reasons why pastel colors ROCK:

1. They make your skin look tanner in the summer! Pastels are a paler- version of our favorite colors. In the summer when you start to get an outside- all- day tan, the pastel colors make your skin glow! They also compliment fair skin shades during any season!


2. Geometric shapes look professional, not childish! Many designers are pairing pastel shades with geometric patterns in their clothing lines. The results? Proffesional, yet feminine pieces that are gorgeous! With any other colors, you would get a more kid- friendly color scheme, but because pastel shades are more subtle the effect is much more grown- up.


3. They make perfect jeans for summer! Probably the most popular use of pastel this season is in jeans. From soft yellow to faded coral, these jeans make a statement without being too flashy. They add a girly- vibe to any wardrobe, while also feeling very relaxed. Most stores like JC Pennys, Macys and Wet Seal have their own versions of them, making them super affordable!


4. They make your nails appear longer! Unlike darker colors like navy, black and purple, pastel nail – polishes create a longer, slimmer effect on nails. To compliment the shades, shape your nails into an oval shape using a nail file. Not only will your nails look cute and feminine, they will be perfect for day or night events!



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