Cute Braids for Sunshine

In every magazine this Season, from Cosmo to Seventeen, braids are rocking the pages! Because there are so many styles, versions and ways to create them I wanted to post some of my favorites!

1. The Fishtail Braid This braid has been around forever, but just recently became a huge hit on runways and photo shoots across the world. The reason why I love it? It looks detailed, artistic and creative! You can keep it simple and straight down the back of your head, or make it into a cute side braid. Runway shows are favoring the messy look by making each braid layer a little crooked.



2. French Braided Bangs If you are going to try a new hair style this summer, this is the one! French braiding your bangs creates a sleek, yet feminine look. This can be incorporated into any hair length; from short to long. It’s also a perfect solution to growing out your bangs!



3. Side Braids This is a very classic look and can go well with any outfit; night or day. I use this style multiple times during the day. It’s quick to do in between classes, or at work to keep my long locks out of my face. (Always keep a few hair ties in your purse!) For a messy, softer look- grab the end of the braid after you tie it and shake gently. This will open up the braid slightly and make it appear thicker and longer.



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