Suncare Facts

As we make our way into summer we find ourselves rushing to the beach, tanning in our backyards and walking in the sunshine almost every day! To help protect your skin keep these facts in mind.

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1. Sunblock and Sunscreen are two different products! Sunscreen contains chemical blockers that protect your skin from the sun by absorbing the rays. They are colorless, but usually leave a film on the skin when applied. Many people have bad reactions to them though, such as irritation, redness and allergic reactions.

Sun block, on the other hand, has physical blockers that repel the sun rays off your skin. They protect againist UVA and UVB rays, but usually are thicker. When applied they can stay visible, but the protection is much better!


2. A wide brim hat can act as a sunscreen! Wearing a hat with a wide brim in the summer is the same as wearing SPF 33 on your face! For people with fair skin that burn even with a sunblock, this can help againist freckles, sun spots and slight burning. Although it helps protect skin, you should always apply a sunblock to your face as well.


3. Sun protectors should be re-applied every 30- 40 minutes! Most of us who go to the beach only apply sunscreen right before we go! The right way to protect your skin is to throw that sunscreen in your beach bag and re- apply every half an hour (Especially if you play a game of beach volleyball or swim!)


4. When should you apply a sunscreen? Most people would think “When I go to the beach” or “On a Hike”; things that take a few hours. The reality? When you plan to be outside for 20 minutes or longer! That could be walking your dog, reading on your porch or watering your plants. Even driving in your car on a sunny day leaves skin vulnerable to the sun’s rays! Not sure if you’re going out or staying inside? Apply some just in case.


5. The sun is responsible for 90% of aging! Sunspots, freckles, hyperpigmentation, sagging, wrinkles… the list goes on and on. Next time you think about skipping the sunscreen just imagine yourself in 30 years and ask yourself what you plan to look like!


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