New Years Goals and Plans

It’s time to let 2013 fall behind us as we ring in the New Year! I was interested to see what the most popular goals are for people so I did a little research online. Here is what I found;

Lose weightGet OrganizedSpend less/Save MoreStay Fit/HealthyQuit Smoking

Awesome goals, right? Usually these are year-round goals that people tend to get more serious about at the end of December (We all need a fresh start, and it’s a brand new year! The best time, right?). Unfortunately, only 46% of people kept their goals more than 6 months into the new year! Here are some good ways to make (And keep!) your goals for 2014…

Almost there!1. Ask yourself WHY you’re making this specific goal. Is it because you keep putting it off during the year? Or because all your friends or co-workers are doing it? Is it something YOU really want, or something you think you should have?

Why? If it’s a goal you truly want, you’re more likely to keep it when no one else is around/ you have no motivation. A goal should be something personal that you do for yourself, not the people around you. In the end, it will have more meaning in your life and you can be proud you accomplished something hard!

Write Here!2. Plan it out on paper! Is your goal to loose some weight? Write down exactly how you plan to do it (Running every other day, planning out your meals, buying cute exercise gear.) What if you want to organize a part of your house? Try writing a list of categories to fit things into (Things I use everyday, sometimes, once a year,etc.)

 Why?  Physically writing out our goals makes them seem more real and achievable! Getting your thoughts and ideas on paper may also make you think of your goals in a different way. Organizing your crazy craft room might seem quick and simple… But once you write down where your mountains of fabric and ribbon collection will go, you will have a better picture in your head of how to do it!

Possible!3. Make your goal as detailed as possible! Turn “I want to save more money” into “I want to take $20 out of each paycheck to put into my savings account”. What? $20   Where? Into my savings account  Why? Because I want to save up for a vacation!

Why? Breaking up a goal into the smallest details helps us understand exactly how to make our plans a reality. It also can show you what plans are realistic vs. unrealistic. If after planning out your goal it starts to become unreasonable, don’t fret! Just adjust it so that it can still be accomplished.

Celebrate!4. Give yourself motivation to keep your goal going! Watching friends and family members try to quit smoking over the years has taught me something very important; Rewarding yourself for accomplishing something hard is the absolute BEST way to keep your goal! Start with small rewards for little bits of progress, and work your way up from there! Maybe every week you’ve kept your goal you buy yourself something you’ve reaaaalllly wanted, and once you’ve fully accomplished it you get something big! (A day at the spa anyone?!)                           

Why? There will be moments when you are tired, cranky, worn out, and just plain ready to give up. When you have something to vision in your head, it makes it easier to say “I NEED to do this! I can’t give up just yet!”. Plus, when you have an hour-long hot stone massage at the spa on the line… you might think twice about that cigarette!

~Happy 2014 everyone! I wish you all the best luck and a bright future!~ GlitterPeach


These are few of my favorite (Holiday) things!

Ho Ho Ho, GlitterPeach here!

Here are some of my favorite holiday things this year:

Printed Holiday Leggings

ImageWhy I love it: They’re comfy, cute and versatile!

What to pair it with: Over-sized sweaters, a cute thigh-length dress, or under your snow gear.

Knee-high, Leather Boots


Why I love it: They can be worn year-round, the flat sole is comfy, and your outfit options are endless!

What to pair it with: Skinny jeans, plain leggings, or tights!

Nordic Sweaters


Why I love it: Festive designs and super warm? Heck yes!

What to pair it with: Plain black leggings and ankle-length boots (Or even jeans!)

Holiday Coffee


Why I love it: It warms you up, and gives you energy (And tastes amazing!!)

What to pair it with: A good book and warm fireplace

Holiday Scents


Why I love it: (Candles or stovetop) Makes the house smell lovely and puts me in the holiday mood

What to pair with it: A day of holiday baking!


A Gift for everyone on your list!

Okay, so the commercials where everyone is excitedly walking around the mall finding the perfect gifts for everyone they know while cute, festive songs play in the background… we all know that’s not how it happens. If you’re anything like me, you’ll make a list of gift ideas, then Re-make the list a week later, then re-think everything! Okay… Time for a new list! Wait.. now I’m running out of time!! And the malls are scary…and pricey! No worries, I’m here to help you get some inspiration for every situation and person!

“They have EVERYTHING!” Okay, so we all know that one person who insists they really don’t want a gift. They have everything they need! (Or they’re just really picky…)


The solution: Instead of a present, give them an experience! Honestly, these are my favorite types of gifts because they are so unique and people enjoy them so much! I like to check out Amazon Local, LivingSocial, or Groupon to find deals on things I would never think to look for! Some good ideas? Cooking classes, art workshops, spa packages, or day trips! Bonus Points: Buy a double package to go together and create some fun memories!

“I don’t know them that well…” Maybe it’s a distant family member, a new friend or someone you’d like to get to know better. Whoever it may be, your gift should be a sweet gesture (Without the anxiety of finding the perfect gift.)


The Solution: Food. Yes, the answer is that simple! (Just make sure you know if they have any food allergies, or restrictions.) Who doesn’t love getting sweets shaped like cute snowmen, or baking mixes, or hot chocolate around the holidays?! It’s inexpensive, kind, and fun! Bake up a batch of cookies and frost them with holidays colors and patterns. Then put them small bags or containers with holiday ribbon. You can also make Hot chocolate mixes in Mason jars (With candy canes, marshmallows, and chocolate chips). Bonus Points: Make it extra-large so they can share with their families at home!

“I am completely BROKE!” We’ve all been there during at least one hard winter during our life. The moment when you realize Christmas is only a few weeks away and you have no extra cash for gifts. Or you over-spent on other gifts, and now your last few presents have a SUPER limited budget!


The solution: First, figure out what you can spend for the gifts. Is your limit $10? $5? or “Time to look through all the craft bins and get creative”?

If you have under $10… The Dollar Store is now your best friend! “What kind of gift can I possibly throw together at a Dollar Store?” you ask… Well, an amazing one when you get creative! 1. A mini-baking kit! (Cupcake liners, A Spatula, Cake mix, Sprinkles and a Basket+ Christmas tissue paper) 2. Movie Night! (Buy a popcorn bucket + paper confetti or tissue paper, boxes of candy and a microwavable bag of popcorn) 3. Spa Day! (Basket+ Blue/Green tissue paper, Cooling eye mask, Spa Music CD, scented candle and Facial Mask).


Or if your wallet is completely empty, make a coupon book! Using rectangles of scrapbook paper, decorate them to resemble “Coupons”. Add things in there like “60 minute aromatherapy Massage”, “30 min dish-washing service”, or “House Cleaning Service”. Your friends and family will ADORE this idea! (Who doesn’t want their house cleaned??) Bonus points: Do something nice for your friends or family! Grandparents: Put up Christmas decorations for them, or shovel snow and throw some salt on their walk ways.Friends: Offer to run errands for them, or be a designated driver for a fun night out. A simple gesture, but a thoughtful one!

~Happy Holidays Everyone!~

Goodbye 2013

You know that moment when everything changes in a big way? That was my entire 2013 year! So many things happened that completely changed my life, but in the end all these crazy changes made me so much happier! So here’s what’s going on with GlitterPeach…

New Job- Sometimes, in order to make a better future for yourself you have to take a very scary and unsure step forward. And that’s exactly what I did this year. I realized that my job was making me miserable. I love skincare and beauty, but my work setting was slowly going downhill and causing stress on me. I knew it was time to say goodbye and so I did. Luckily, I found a job that is perfect for me! I am now a receptionist and assistant manager at a local Barber Shop.

Home, Sweet, Home- When I first began this blog I was in-between living situations (Thanks to school, bills and work.) Since then I have moved into my very first apartment. Since I was little it was always a dream of mine to have a space to call my own! Spending hours everyday looking at Home Decorations on Pinterest made me long for a place I could decorate and love. Although it’s small, it’s still mine! ❤

Thank you all for following my blog. I promise to fill my blog with lots of new posts, pictures and fun stuff to keep you all entertained!

Thanks for stopping by!

~ GlitterPeach~