Goodbye 2013

You know that moment when everything changes in a big way? That was my entire 2013 year! So many things happened that completely changed my life, but in the end all these crazy changes made me so much happier! So here’s what’s going on with GlitterPeach…

New Job- Sometimes, in order to make a better future for yourself you have to take a very scary and unsure step forward. And that’s exactly what I did this year. I realized that my job was making me miserable. I love skincare and beauty, but my work setting was slowly going downhill and causing stress on me. I knew it was time to say goodbye and so I did. Luckily, I found a job that is perfect for me! I am now a receptionist and assistant manager at a local Barber Shop.

Home, Sweet, Home- When I first began this blog I was in-between living situations (Thanks to school, bills and work.) Since then I have moved into my very first apartment. Since I was little it was always a dream of mine to have a space to call my own! Spending hours everyday looking at Home Decorations on Pinterest made me long for a place I could decorate and love. Although it’s small, it’s still mine! ❤

Thank you all for following my blog. I promise to fill my blog with lots of new posts, pictures and fun stuff to keep you all entertained!

Thanks for stopping by!

~ GlitterPeach~



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