The cute new Nail Trend!


After seeing all the hype on, as well as other makeup and blog sites, I’ve decided to research this cute nail trend called “Caviar Nails”.

What makes Ciate Caviar nails special? They use a mixture of popular nail colors (Pastel, white, gold) and add a layer of microbeads in complementing colors on top! This gives the nail body, texture and a unique look!

Each kit runs about $25 (That includes 1 nail polish, 1 Jar of microbeads, a tray and a funnel to help collect spilled beads to add back to the jar). If this price seems a little steep, you can always do a DIY version as well! Michelle Phan added a great tutorial to her site to show you how to do it at home.

For the DIY version, just use nail polish you have at home, and buy the Microbeads from Michaels (Craft store). You can get big kits with 10 jars of the microbeads in various colors for only $15!


My Favorite Makeup Looks for Spring 2012

Hey everyone! Just wanted to share with you some of my favorite makeup trends for this spring! As everyone from Washington knows, spring here is crazy weather! Sunshine one moment, hail the next, and then pouring rain! But don’t let the weather get you down, celebrate with some new looks!

Nude Lips colors for the spring season

1. Nude or Peach colored lips. This lip color is designed to go with ANY look. From femine and sweet, to a hot night out! My favorite colors with it are black and brown eyeshadows, and peachy- pink cheeks.

Blended Dark eyeshadows

2. Blended Dark Eyeshadows.  This look is so dramatic and intense, I love it! Inspired by runway models for Daryl K (Makeup by NARS). Be bold this season and make your eyes pop by applying color both on top and underneath. Make sure to blend, blend, blend!

Bronzer Effect

3. Bronzer Under Cheekbones. An easy- to- do trick that creates the illusion of sculpted cheekbones, as well as making the face appear softer and glowing! Taking a contouring brush, sweep bronzer under your cheekbones lightly. For an even bigger effect, dip your fingers in shimmering powder and pat on the top of your cheekbones!

Defined Eyebrows

4. Defined and Dark eyebrows. Not only does this look make your facial features stand out, it also makes your makeup go together better! Lips and eyes tend to stand out more when eyebrows are darker. You can either go for an intense look, or a dreamy look depending on the shape and shade. Take asmall angled brush and dip into cream or powder (Brown- dark brown). Then, start to blend throughout the eyebrows. For a less intense look, use a mascara wand tool and brush through eyebrows lightly.