New Years Goals and Plans

It’s time to let 2013 fall behind us as we ring in the New Year! I was interested to see what the most popular goals are for people so I did a little research online. Here is what I found;

Lose weightGet OrganizedSpend less/Save MoreStay Fit/HealthyQuit Smoking

Awesome goals, right? Usually these are year-round goals that people tend to get more serious about at the end of December (We all need a fresh start, and it’s a brand new year! The best time, right?). Unfortunately, only 46% of people kept their goals more than 6 months into the new year! Here are some good ways to make (And keep!) your goals for 2014…

Almost there!1. Ask yourself WHY you’re making this specific goal. Is it because you keep putting it off during the year? Or because all your friends or co-workers are doing it? Is it something YOU really want, or something you think you should have?

Why? If it’s a goal you truly want, you’re more likely to keep it when no one else is around/ you have no motivation. A goal should be something personal that you do for yourself, not the people around you. In the end, it will have more meaning in your life and you can be proud you accomplished something hard!

Write Here!2. Plan it out on paper! Is your goal to loose some weight? Write down exactly how you plan to do it (Running every other day, planning out your meals, buying cute exercise gear.) What if you want to organize a part of your house? Try writing a list of categories to fit things into (Things I use everyday, sometimes, once a year,etc.)

 Why?  Physically writing out our goals makes them seem more real and achievable! Getting your thoughts and ideas on paper may also make you think of your goals in a different way. Organizing your crazy craft room might seem quick and simple… But once you write down where your mountains of fabric and ribbon collection will go, you will have a better picture in your head of how to do it!

Possible!3. Make your goal as detailed as possible! Turn “I want to save more money” into “I want to take $20 out of each paycheck to put into my savings account”. What? $20   Where? Into my savings account  Why? Because I want to save up for a vacation!

Why? Breaking up a goal into the smallest details helps us understand exactly how to make our plans a reality. It also can show you what plans are realistic vs. unrealistic. If after planning out your goal it starts to become unreasonable, don’t fret! Just adjust it so that it can still be accomplished.

Celebrate!4. Give yourself motivation to keep your goal going! Watching friends and family members try to quit smoking over the years has taught me something very important; Rewarding yourself for accomplishing something hard is the absolute BEST way to keep your goal! Start with small rewards for little bits of progress, and work your way up from there! Maybe every week you’ve kept your goal you buy yourself something you’ve reaaaalllly wanted, and once you’ve fully accomplished it you get something big! (A day at the spa anyone?!)                           

Why? There will be moments when you are tired, cranky, worn out, and just plain ready to give up. When you have something to vision in your head, it makes it easier to say “I NEED to do this! I can’t give up just yet!”. Plus, when you have an hour-long hot stone massage at the spa on the line… you might think twice about that cigarette!

~Happy 2014 everyone! I wish you all the best luck and a bright future!~ GlitterPeach