My Blog’s First Birthday!

I am SO excited to start my very first blog! I have been wanting to make one forever, but always brushed it off as a later project for a rainy day.

So I would like to introduce myself and what this blog is all about – BEAUTY! ❤

Hi, My name’s Lynn 🙂 I love all things creative; drawing, painting, crafting, DIY projects, fashion, but my biggest love… Makeup! I went to Evergreen Beauty College for the Esthetics program and I work at an Asian spa as a receptionist. I want to make a name for myself in the beauty industry and spread my knowledge about makeup and skincare to everyone!

Here’s a couple facts about me:

1. I’ve run a Henna Tattooing business for 6 years. When I was in middle school I loved to draw, so I thought Henna Tattoos would be fun to try at home too. I ended up doing them at Farmer’s Markets during the summer to make some money and it turned into an all year business! With work and school now, I only do parties and events occasionally.

2. I love the Ocean! I want to live in a beach house someday. Salty air, the crash of the waves, shells and sand-  I’m in my element on the beach 🙂

3. I live in Washington. No, that does not mean vampires, were wolves and sappy romances, but it does mean coffee, year- round rain and lots of forests!