A lot of makeup tutorials on youtube as well as other sites fueled by passion for makeup and led me to make this blog!

Here are my top beauty role models!

Michelle Phan

Michelle Phan Once upon a time, I was searching through youtube for more makeup tutorials when I came across a girl who not only had disney princess looks, but also anime characters!! Michelle Phan is an incredible makeup artist and one of my top role models. Her tutorials are so easy to follow, and she has such a sweet personality. She even has her own website now; , and just launched her new jewlery collection Ever Eden .                               ~”One thing I have learned over the years is that everything has its beauty, but not everyone sees it. It’s become my personal mission to empower and inspire women by helping them discover their own beauty.”


Francois Nars

Francois Nars Creator of the NARS cosmetic line , Francois has created many of my favorite looks. Plump lips, glowing skin, contoured features- these are all signature looks of the NARS line.  His makeup is timeless, classy and adored all over the world. NARS makeup artists are used frequently in Runway shows for Marc Jacobs, Daryl K and Rodarte. His website features all his products, as well as his biography.                                                                      ~”Find your own Way. Have an open spirit and believe in your own beauty”


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