Growing up in the late 90’s!

As winter starts to fade, my friends and I have planned a girl’s road trip to let loose and get out of town for a while! So I’ve been spending my free time creating an amazing playlist of songs from my childhood to help us celebrate. The songs have brought back so many memories from growing up in the late 90’s- early 2000’s. Here are some things you may remember if you were a 90’s child!

1. Disney Channel Original Movies


~Let’s~ watch ~a Disney channel movie~! Many of you probably still remember that catchy tune! Okay, let’s face it. All of us 90’s kids wanted to BE the kids in these movies! Who wouldn’t want a Barbie Doll become your new best friend? Or have Hilary Duff’s awesome fashion style?? Yes, the acting was over the top- cheesy, but that was the whole point! After re-watching “Smart House” recently all I could think was “… I used to think these boys were cute?!!”

2. Lisa Frank


These two well-known words would strike excitement and creativity into the hearts of every elementary school girl growing up! It’s amazing how many things the psychedelic- rainbow- girly brand created. I had folders, notebooks, pens, diaries, even bedsheets! And who could forget all the Lisa Frank gifts you would receive at your birthday! My favorite memory was making the famous Lisa Frank friendship bracelets for all my BFFs!

3. Risque Female Singers


The first time I watched Britney Spear’s “Oops, I did it again” video I was stunned! The schoolgirl outfit, the belly-shirt, the dancing.. it was crazy! And that was soon followed by Christina belting out “Genie in a Bottle” (Which I seriously thought was about Robin Williams in Aladdin). Even Avril Lavigne’s punk style (Army pants with men’s underwear, charcoal rimmed eyes, and swearing! Eek!), it was all so risque to me! Of course that didn’t stop me from putting the CDs on the stereo, and dancing around the living room when no one was home… 😀

4. Inflatable Furniture


I”m laughing as I type this post up… Oh god, the inflatable furniture craze! The purple Britney Spears chair that you see above was the EXACT same one I had in my room in elementary school! After selling a million magazines, or cookies, or whatever the school was pushing us to sell that year, I won the inflatable chair; the world’s most ridiculous, funny and short-lived piece of furniture. Sure it was so totally “Groovin’ and Stylin’!”, that was until you realized it made the most awkward squeaky-fart noises whenever you moved the slightest bit… and you had to re-blow it up every. single. day. But they were still the coolest things ever, right?!!

5. 90’s Fashion


Clarissa Explains it all… but can she explain the weirdo- fashion sense of the 90’s?? From the early 90’s we have the Tie-Dye craze, Jelly Sandals, and Neon colors on EVERYTHING. Then the late 90’s rolls into shiny pastel fabrics, turtle-neck sweaters, and belly-baring shirts. Overalls were my go-to outfit for EVERY occasion, and as the early 2000’s came that transitioned into flared jeans and ponchos… *Shudder* And let’s not even talk about the entire outfits composed of jean- material…

6. My Little Pony


Collecting My Little Pony horses in the 90’s wasn’t a hobby, it was a lifestyle. You’d invite friends over from school solely for the purpose of playing ONLY with My Little Ponies, and hoping to trade to further expand your collection. The average 9 year old girl  had 20 or so ponies proudly displayed in her room, but the true fans would have a collection of well over 50+

Thanks everyone for remembering the 90’s with me! I hope I brought back some fun memories for you!

~Glitter Peach~